Columns are: 24" bottoms, 54" carved and 18" Tops these have been cut
for the display on the trailer about 6"from the bottom and 8" from the top.    
           6x6x96"                        SIZES                          8x8x96"
        Picuris          $110                                              Picuris          $175
          Octagonal  $110                                               Octagonal   $175  
        Vadito  $110                                                      Vadito  $175
          Territorial  $140                                                Territorial  $205 
         (7) Hearts  $155                                               (6) Hearts  $220
       Quad Square  $155                                           Quad Square   $220
       Penasco  5 strand  $155                                   Penasco  6 strand  $220
        Large 2 strand  $155                                          Large 2 strand  $200
        Medium 3 strand  $165                                      Medium 3 strand  $220
        Small 4 strand  $175                                          Small 4 strand  $240
  Rounding on Small, Medium and Large columns is available for an added
charge.  Other lengths and sizes could be carved depending on availability.
Custom rounded 8x8 Territorials for customer, ask for pricing.
 8x8x36" La Guardia corbels $50. & 8x8x96" Quad Square columns $220.

Pergola: 8x8x96" Hearts post $220. and 8x8x36" La Guardia full corbels $50.

8x8x96" Medium strand (3S) $220. with 8x8x36" El Prado corner corbel $60.

8x8x96" Small strand post 4S $240. This corbel and post are custom made.
6x6x30 Las Lunas full corbel $30. & 6x6x96" Territorials rounded.

PergolaHearts post 6x6x96" cut to 78", & 6x6x30" La Guardia full corbels.
6x6 Medium strand (3S) newel $125, and Medium strand (3S) railing post $180.

Tuscan columns: 12x12x 96" $750. These are 16x16x120" 4 strands.

6x6x72" railing post and newel post with rails and no donuts.

 8x8x96" Medium Strand (3S) with taper to 6" & 6x8x34" El Prado full corbel.

Please leave a description of your interest in detail and leave a phone # and  zip code for delivery cost and shipping details to: eloramio@live.com  attention to:  Southwest Spiral Designs.  This information is only used to better assist you! 
Thank you, Joseph E Lujan.