Taxes Included on all items.
                    Short halves are also available for decorative pieces.

Please note: Local Douglas Fir has a natural tendency of cracking, shrinking and twisting. Cracking could be about 1/4" on 6x6 and 8x8 products, which is normal, most customers are fine with this and put the cracks to a side that is not so noticeable.

               Local Douglas fir is stocked in sizes up to 12"x12" when available.
          Please ask for pricing on other sizes. Corner corbels consist of 2 pieces.
          Short Half                     Half                          Full                         Corner
    6x6x13"  $20             6x6x18"  $25          6x6x30"  $40           6x6x18"  $50
    8x8x15"  $30           8x8x22"  $35           8x8x36"  $65            8x8x22"  $75
  10x10x17"  $60       10x10x26"  $75      10x10x42"  $125     10x10x26  $150
 12x12x19"  $90       12x12x30"   $100    12x12x48"   $175    12x12x30"  $200.

             Corbels with carvings on front and back have extra charges.

6x6x30" Vadito full corbel $40. With small Zia $25.ea. Lines $20.

8x8x36" La Guardia full corbels $65 each, plus hearts carved $25. ea.

8x8x36" Las Lunas full corbel $65. Upside down sunburst $45 each side.

8x8x36" Vista Del Valle full corbel $65. Sunburst $35.ea. Lines $25 both sides.

       Half corbels for canales with 2% drop, rosettes,lines and texturing.
8x8x36" French curve T, with lap joint $110. lines are extra.

Please leave a description of your interest in detail and leave a phone # and  zip code for delivery cost and shipping details to: eloramio@live.com  attention to:  Southwest Spiral Designs.  This information is only used to better assist you!  Thank you, Joseph E Lujan.